‘Creed III’ review: Punchy directorial debut for its lead star Michael B. Jordan

Sports drama film ‘Creed III’ perfectly knocks out an exciting round with an equally thrilling storyline. It packs a fresh take from an established framework.

Michael B. Jordan’s first punchy stint as a film director is, no doubt, rousing and genuinely heartfelt. He has ferociously trained his lens on the right subjects to make it even more satisfying and decided to finally step out of Rocky Balboa’s iconic shadow — at last.

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The once-a-Sylvester Stallone-centric and long-running boxing movie franchise is indeed in good hands with Michael B. Jordan! His directorial debut brings bombastic ring entrances (kudos to the great soundtrack!) while freshening the series with new and stylish, fight scenes shot in IMAX camera. There’s also a notable spotlight on deaf representation.

Boxing movies don’t usually come around, but when they do, you’ll take a seat and enjoy the spectacle. It is, admittedly, exciting to watch. Not because it’s Rocky but because it’s like Rocky being reborn in the form of Creed. Michael B. Jordan perfectly offers dynamic visuals and still manages to keep us on the edge of our ringside seat.

The film features a great chemistry among the whole cast, with yet another star role for Jonathan Majors, who plays Kang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

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Jordan himself feels so at home in this role, and you really see Adonis Creed as the character and not just Jordan the actor playing him. The final battle between Creed (Jordan) and Dame (Majors) was the greatest point of the film. It keeps the tension of the previous movies’ matches, but also embraces a slightly more realistic approach to boxing. It was a money shot moment of the film, putting its viewers at the edge of their seat. Michael B. Jordan adds some artistic flourishes to the fight we never seen before from the previous films that pretty much landed.

By and large, Creed III is a competent sequel of greatness that will surely make one stand up and cheer.

Thanks again to our friends from Warner Bros. Pictures for having us at the Philippine premiere of this title, which was held at IMAX Theater of SM Cinemas in SM North EDSA.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Presents A Chartoff-Winkler Production. ‘Creed III’ is distributed internationally by Warner Bros. Pictures including the Philippines. Join the conversation online and use the hashtag #Creed3.

Photo & Video Credit: “Warner Bros. Pictures”

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