Bela ‘Mapanakit’ Padilla at it again via Korea-set ‘Yung Libro sa Napanood Ko’

This April, prepare your hearts as Bela “Mapanakit” Padilla (as how netizens rightfully tag the multi-talented artist) returns to offer a heart-tugging movie entitled ‘Yung Libro sa Napanood Ko,’ from Viva Films.

The Philippine Cinema’s Queen of Hearts herself, Bela Padilla, wrote, directed, and even produced, this new story meant to be read and seen by everyone on the big screen. ‘Yung Libro sa Napanood Ko’ is an official entry to the 2023 Summer Metro Manila Film Festival this April 8-18, 2023.

Being hooked on a book with a great love story is one of the best feelings ever. Flipping through every page, anticipating every chapter, we want each moment to linger. Sometimes, we even hope our lives can be as good as the books we read.

After learning about a book from a Korean drama that she’s watched, Lisa (Bela Padilla) is inspired to write her book and becomes a published author. At one of her book signing events, a meet-cute moment happens between her and a Korean man named Kim Gun Hoo (Yoo Min-gon) when he asks for an autograph and expresses his admiration for Lisa.

This same man makes a way to see her again, and this time he bravely asks Lisa to go with him and visit South Korea. Though reluctant at first, Lisa agrees and takes the offer.

Together they tour around the country and visit the places Lisa only used to read in books and see in her favorite shows and movies.

Will Lisa finally experience the love story she thought existed only on the pages of books and the images on the screen?

A romance-drama movie starring Bela Padilla and Kim Gun Hoo, with the special participation of Lorna Tolentino. Also starring Boboy Garrovillo, Hasna Cabral, Lee Suya, Boy Abunda, Malena Leonard, Goda Choi, Carole Dorothy Bowlby, Kim Jin Mok, and Raul Montesa.

From Viva Films, will you let a fairytale love story happen in real life? Yung Libro Sa Napanood Ko, in cinemas nationwide this April 8, 2023. [Press release]


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