‘Air’ review: Outstanding shoe drama

The biographical sports drama film ‘Air’ is based on the true events that deal with the origin of basketball shoe line Air Jordan. In the story, a Nike employee aims to make a business deal with rookie player Michael Jordan. We know for a fact how the end result would go but it is more interesting to learn the process how it gets there. This film gives viewers a palpable view of that while making sure that it the flow is interesting.

Whether you are a ball player, a huge sneaker enthusiast or an MJ collector, this film has something in it that could suit your taste. Even non-fans can see some fun out of it. There’s a lively all-star lineup here and a great true story from American sports with all the relatability your heart could desire. It’s an outstanding sports drama and immensely inspiring for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, all well-directed and starred in by Ben Affleck.

The A-list cast is a pure pleasure to watch as they all notably performed at their best. Seeing Ben Affleck and Matt Damon team up again is entertaining, supported by the spectacular Viola Davis, a funny Chris Tucker, and a fascinating Jason Bateman. Super enjoyable and entertaining!

It’s a captivating film made for sneakerheads, entrepreneurs, and Michael Jordan fans. The whole story of making the shoe and trying to get Jordan to sign with them is amazing and realistic. You know how it’s going to end, but you would still sit on the edge of your chair and be amazed by every scene. Even in the corporate world, the film tells us, it’s important to be like Mike and take that shot. It’s a slam dunk and highly engaging!

‘Air’ is bigger than ‘just a shoe story’ that sports fans — and Nike fans, all the more — would really enjoy. It hits almost nothing but net. A must-watch, inspiring film for those with an entrepreneurial spirit! Super enjoyable, it’s one of the best dramas of the year!

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