‘Rebound’ review: A good watch from South Korea

In this time and age of weariness and uncertainties, it’s so nice to bump into a good watch that is not only entertaining but also inspirational and laughter-inducing. That’s the first thought that could come to mind after watching the new South Korean film Rebound.

It’s one fresh sports comedy drama that revolves around a basketball team of seemingly misfits as they are trained by a determined coach for a national tournament. This 2023 flick stars Ahn Jae-hong as coach Kang, and the players portrayed by Lee Sin-young, Jeong Jin-woon, Kim Taek, Jung Gun-joo, Kim Min, Ahn Ji-ho.

We get to see these lovable characters pushing their bodies, minds, and energies to the limits — returning their love for the game and playing nonstop for eight days in the KBA National Tournament. The story is based on a true tale of the Busan Jungang High School’s 2012 run to the national championships.

For someone who is not into basketball, it is lovely to see how the story unfolds in an easy-to-understand manner. It’s as if the storytelling was weaved for non-fans to adore the ball sports.

During the advance screening of the film at Fisher Mall Box Office in Quezon City, the audience couldn’t help but to cheer on every move — however the players succeed or fail on shooting the ball. The applause was here and there, the giddy reactions were everywhere, the high spirit was so high it could reach the ceiling in no time. Award-winning versatile actress Sylvia Sanchez was also present as a supportive friend to the team that brought this flick to the country.

It’s also easy to notice how painstaking the production did to make the casting as close to the real people the characters are portraying. They even stitched moving scenes they recreated with real-life photographs shown at the closing credits. On that note, kudos for a well-photographed movie that is so appealing to the eyes!

‘Rebound’ starts playing in local theaters starting Wednesday, May 3, as released by 888 Films International.

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