Team Kramer launched as first celebrity brand ambassador of Mr. DIY

Team Kramer has once again furthered their family-oriented vision as they are launched by Mr. DIY as their new brand ambassador. Doug, Cheska, Kendra, Scarlett and Gavin are up for the task to be part of the ‘Family Store for Everyday Needs – Meron DIYan’ campaign of the country’s favorite one-stop shop for family and home improvement.

Team MR.DIY introduced Team Kramer during a media launch in Novotel, Quezon City recently.

Watch our live video coverage during the event here:

The event was led by no other than the CEO of Mr. DIY Philippines, Ms. Roselle Andaya who emphasized that MR. DIY is not just a store but an embodiment of values and aspirations. She explained, “When we say MR.DIY, we talk about improving family life by enhancing homes. About nurturing our familial bonds and fostering a loving environment within our households.”

The campaign underscores MR.DIY’s goal of providing families with their everyday home and lifestyle needs. The brand remains committed to its “Always Low Prices” motto, offering a variety of products and essentials that aim to meet the daily needs and demands of its consumers.

Andaya also added that affordability and quality of products are not opposites, and that everyone should expect to get value for money without compromise on the products that will be part of their homes. She also added that MR.DIY is also about creating nurturing spaces for families.

Mr. DIY Philippines’ Senior Marketing Manager, Mark Charles Salecina, was also present at the media launch. He remarked that their company always put families at the core of their services. “We strive to grow closer to more families by opening more stores, to make them feel that there’s always a MR.DIY store near them, ready to meet their everyday needs with quality products, at always low prices, that every family member can enjoy – Meron DIYan!” Salecina said.

Team Kramer is the brand’s first-ever celebrity ambassador. During the launch, Team Kramer — composed of Doug and Cheska and their kids Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin — all took part and interacted with the guests. The celebrity couple played a game called Meron DIYan where they had to guess and recreate MR.DIY products with the press.

Recently, the family broke ground for their new three-story house project. The family announced last year their plan to build another house as “a build and sell passion project.”

“We are fortunate and excited to welcome a family that embodies what MR.DIY stands for. Positivity, shared experiences, growth, hard work, respect and love. These are the values that we share with the Kramer family,” Andaya said.

MR.DIY is the nation’s favorite family and home improvement one-stop-shop retailer. The largest home improvement retailer with more than 370 stores nationwide and is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of its customers by offering convenience at all its stores.

About MR.DIY

MR.DIY is one of the largest home improvement retailers with more than 2,000 stores across Southeast Asia including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Cambodia, India, and Europe in Turkey and Spain. The home improvement retailer has dedicated itself to making a positive difference in the lives of its valued customers by offering convenience at all its stores nationwide.

All MR.DIY stores are managed directly, and the company often works in collaboration with other mass merchandise retailers or owners of malls or shopfront properties. MR.DIY stores offer a wide selection of — approximately 18,000 SKUs — across 5 major categories, namely hardware; household and furnishing; electrical; stationery and sports equipment products; and others (comprising amongst other toys, car accessories, jewelry, and cosmetics).

The company strives to put customers first by operating an innovative business that is flexible when it comes to providing a wide variety of products, good quality, and value-for-money, holding true to the company’s motto of “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”.

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