WATCH: It’s Paolo Ballesteros vs Solenn Heussaff in trailer for comedy film ‘My 2 Mommies’

The trailer for the new family comedy film ‘My 2 Mommies’ has just been released by Regal Entertainment. Watch the full trailer below.

Unknown to MANU (Paolo Ballesteros), a moment of abandonment after seven years literally bore fruit in the person of a son who he never knew existed. The mother, MONIQUE (Solenn Heussaff), disappeared from his life to live abroad and bear his child while pursuing her own interests and career. After spending quality time with TRISTAN (Marcus Cabais), MANU was asserting his being the “father” to his son. MANU wanted to have more of his son, much to the dismay of MONIQUE. In this tug of war for the child’s love, who is to win? Or will everybody end up as losers?

‘My 2 Mommies’ is joined by Ms. Maricel Soriano, with Joem Bascon and Dianne Medina.

Directed by Eric Quizon, ‘‘My 2 Mommies’ is slated for release on May 9 in Philippine cinemas.

One response to “WATCH: It’s Paolo Ballesteros vs Solenn Heussaff in trailer for comedy film ‘My 2 Mommies’”

  1. […] This comedy-drama movie tells the story of Manu (Paolo), a discreet gay, who seems to have everything in life: career, family and love-life. But the rug was swept off his feet when Monica (Solenn), a woman from Manu’s past, shows up and confess that they have a child together. Manu is forced to come to terms with being a parent to a young child, Tristan, who desires to know his “father” for who he truly is. […]


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