WINNERS: Cinema One Originals Festival 2018

The Cinema One Originals film festival awards night was held at the Dolphy Theater Sunday, October 21.

Here’s the full list of winners of Cinema One Originals Festival 2018.

Technical Category

Best Picture: “Paglisan”

Best Director: Whammy Alcazaren, “Never Tear Us Apart”

Best Screenplay: Carl Papa and Aica Ganhinhin, “Paglisan”

Best Sound: Jess Carlos, “Paglisan”

Best Music: Teresa Barrozo, “Paglisan;” and Erwin Romulo, Juan Miguel Sobrepena, Malek Lopez, “Never Tear Us Apart”

Best Editing: Ilsa Malsi, “Never Tear Us Apart”

Best Production Design: Thesa Tang, “Never Tear Us Apart”

Best Cinematography: Sasha Palomares, “Never Tear Us Apart”

Acting Category

Best Actor: Alwyn Uytingco, “Asuang”

Best Actress: Iyah Mina, “Mamu; and A Mother Too”

Best Supporting Actor: Arron Villaflor, “Mamu; and A Mother Too”

Best Supporting Actress: Mary Joy Apostol, “Hospicio”

Special Awards

Jury Prize: “Never Tear Us Apart”

Special Citation: “A Short History of a Few Bad Things”

Audience Choice: “Mamu; And A Mother Too”

Champion Bughaw Award: “Paglisan”

Best in Short Film: “Manila Is Full of Men Named Boy,” Andrew Stephen Lee

C1 Minute Student Film Competition: “Paray Kay Tatay,” Christlin Conanan, UP Diliman

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