Top 5 fan theories spark Herlene-Joseph series ‘Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask’

Puregold Channel’s much-talked-about digital series “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask” has indeed captivated the hearts of netizens, sparking different fan theories that makes the intriguing (yet funny) love story of Malta and Sieg, portrayed by Herlene Budol and Joseph Marco, respectively, all the more interesting and worth watching.

What do you think will happen next when its most recent episode turned into a cliffhanger. In Episode 6 of ABSLNFM, Malta bailed on their first face-to-face date, leaving Sieg frustrated and heartbroken. Will Sieg ever forgive Malta for her alibis and lies?

With their story taking a provocative turn, the show’s ever growing fanbase is speculating about what’s to come next. Here are just five of our favorite theories . . .

Sieg goes back to his ‘ex’

Episode 6 ends with Sieg extremely upset about being ghosted by Malta—and turning to drink that night. Fans now wonder: could Malta’s latest caper drive an inebriated Sieg back into the arms of his ex?

Sieg has been speaking with Malta entirely via video and phone calls since meeting her.
Malta has spent her entire friendship with Sieg coming up with excuses to avoid meeting in person.

It’s a prank!

This one’s a little out there but its what makes fan theories . . . uhm, fun! And one of the funniest is Madam Baby’s attempts to be a viral Tiktok star. She’s done a number of dance crazes—and quite a slew of pranks—to have a shot at Tiktok and YouTube fame.

Is Madam Baby simply using Malta and Sieg’s budding romance to rev up fans’ interest in her life? Perhaps she’s the puppet master pulling all the strings. After all, wasn’t it Madam Baby who sweet-talked Malta into confessing her feelings for Sieg in Episode 5?

The last resort: cosmetic surgery

If feelings of insecurity are standing between Malta and her happiness, could turning to plastic surgery solve her problem? The big question would then be: but can Malta afford it? With a sudden cash windfall perhaps? Or an enamored and wealthy Sieg paying for it?

Madam Baby remains a supportive presence in Malta’s life.
Trina continues to be a thorn in the side of Malta and her friends.

Sieg x Trina Forever?

We all know that Trina has the hots for Sieg, who could be feeling vulnerable is at the moment. She could grab Sieg for herself, couldn’t she? With Trina using all the tricks she knows, it could even lead to wedding bells! Well, stranger things have happened.

Sieg forgives Malta once and for all

We’re saving the last for the ending that romcom fans clamor for—the Happily Ever After. As crazy love stories go, Sieg can see past Malta’s antics and understand where she’s coming from. Love can finally bloom and grow—unrestrained.

Can Sieg forgive Malta’s constant lies and excuses?

These are all just theories, though. What’s yours?

To see how their love story unravels, watch for the forthcoming episodes of “Ang Babae sa Likod ng Face Mask,” showing on Saturdays, at 7 PM, on the official YouTube Puregold Channel. For more updates, like on Facebook, follow @puregold_ph on Instagram and Twitter, and subscribe to Puregold Channel on YouTube.

Watch the trailer for Episode 7 here:


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