NCCA’s first mini-series ‘Project Destination’ premieres July 24 on GTV

‘Project Destination,’ the National Commission for Culture and the Arts first-ever mini-series, will air on Free TV via GTV every Sunday starting July 24 at 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The series aims to explore and investigate Filipino cultural values through the point of view of Andre, a 23-year-old Filipino-American, estranged from both his biological family and Filipino heritage, goes on a journey back to the Philippines upon learning of his father’s death. In this journey, he discovers his own personal history, and the cultural and social values that he, despite being brought up in a faraway land, inherently has in his Filipino-ness.

The series focuses on the defined set of Filipino values based on the Focused Group Discussions (FGDs) facilitated by NCCA as theme basis and story development situated in different social environments and settings. The FGDs were facilitated through the NCCA’s Planning and Policy Section (PPS) led by Deputy Executive Director for Administration and Support Services Marichu G. Tellano, PPS section head Caroline Mizal, and its consultant Arvin Villalon.

The character of Andre is played by Filipino-Australian actor Migo Adecer. Meanwhile, Yul Servo plays the role of Jojo, Andre’s real father; Angeli Bayani as Isabel, Andre’s mother who died when Andre was 12 years old and married Cole out of necessity; and Kate Valdez as Loret, a daughter of a prominent political clan in Negros who falls in love with Andre. Royce Cabrera plays the role of Jay, younger brother of Andre who was left in the Philippines and works as a traditional wood carver (sculpting) and as a tourist guide; Paul Holmes as Cole, Andre’s adoptive father; and Linda Villalobos as Lola Miling, Isabel’s mother, Andre’s grandmother. Supporting casts include Acey Aguilar, Ross Pesigan, Tim Mabalot, Seth dela Cruz, and Yñigo Delen.

The creatives team is comprised of Lutgardo Labad, creative consultant; Zig Dulay, director; Felinda Bagas, writer; and Lotlot Bustamante, executive producer. [Press release]


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