DonBelle shares ‘kilig’ with fans in new MV from ‘Closeup’

Time to get Closer with DonBelle! A new music video featuring the freshest love team of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano was recently unveiled for fans of hit series He’s Into Her.

The love team joined fans at the launch of Belle’s latest single Closer, which premiered during an online watch party organized by closeup.Watch the full MV below.

DonBelle outside of work

Asked by the fans during the party, the onscreen couple admitted that they have special nicknames for each other outside work—but played coy when asked what the nicknames are.

In between games and juicy questions from the audience, Donny and Belle shared a peek into their lives offscreenfrom how they spend time outside work and buy food for each other, to how Donny’s smile also makes Belle smile—driving the comments section into a frenzy.

Recalling the first time they’ve met, Belle candidly brought up a memory of them bonding over mobile games. It was how they knew they would get along, because they were laughing during the entire game.

“I do believe in first impressions, yun talaga yung nagla-last,” says Belle.


More than 10,800 viewers expressed their kilig as Donny and Belle joined them to watch the new music video, which felt like an episode of He’s Into Her. The hashtags #closeupxDonBelle and #CloserWithDonBelle took the top trending spots nationwide and worldwide on Twitter, prompting the duo to hint at more fan events in the future.

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Experience the kilig with DonBelle and watch the music video for “Closer” by Belle Mariano via YouTube or stream via Spotify.

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