Fil-Am concert producer Tommie Mopia named Outstanding Young Entrepreneur

“Chase the dream until you get it.” That’s how this year’s recipient of Gawad Amerika’s Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award 2022, Tommie Mopia, had to say to fellow young entrepreneurs to want to go big in the business world.

Tommie Gelonga-Mopia is an entrepreneur and a music/concert producer who was born in Gimbal, Iloilo City. He was raised in Makato, Aklan and eventually left the Philippines when his family moved to the United States.

During a virtual media conference, CinemaBravo asked him who he attributes his success to.

“It’s really for my mom and for my dad—I’m getting emotional right now,” shared a teary It’s for the family… I’ve seen them every single day working… They did a lot for us. My mom did everything for us here when we came here to the United States. Not to repay them but to make them proud.

“I came here when I was 18 years old… We were teenagers and we tried to scale up. Our parents were the best guide in helping us out. “

He explained that he pursued doing business in the US so he could give his parents the best of life that a son can give to their parents.

True enough, his roster of businesses is a handful: TGM Group of Companies Inc., St. Anthony Hospice, CB Hospice, Tram Hospice, Quad Care Hospice, and Comprehensive Healthcare Services.

CinemaBravo also asked if he has other dreams he wants to achieve.

“My dream right now is to business in the Philippines. I’m not saying that I’m very successful here, but I already know the ins and outs — how to do the healthcare business here. I’m talking to some of our friends to make projects in the Philippines to help out in our healthcare system. That’s my dream to help out to our kababayan.”

It’s “very humbling” for him whenever he is lauded for his achievements at a young age. In fact, his recent award from Gawad Amerika is more than an inspiration not just for him to work harder and to push his limits but also for the people around him.

“We just need to work hard and do whatever we can to help our community.”

See more on Tommie Mopia’s vision come to life as he irons out his plans to bring his businesses to the Philippines and produce concerts for international and local artists here in his motherland.

Photos provided by Tommie Mopia

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