Sean De Guzman is ‘The Influencer’ in Louie Ignacio’s first sexy film

Sean De Guzman is more than a capable 3:16 Media Network artist who started his roster of films with ‘Anak ng Macho Dancer‘ and pushed his limits down to his latest, ‘The Influencer.’ This is also a milestone for award-winning TV and film director, Luisito Lagdameo Ignacio, also known as Louie Ignacio, since ‘The Influencer’ is his first-ever venture to helming a sexy film.

‘The Influencer’ tells the story of an unforgettable hook up that brings a guy to a state of heaven. He has no idea that hell comes next.

Cloe Barreto, who recently starred in “Tahan”, is back to make guys cry in pleasure and in pain in “The Influencer”. This time it’s “Taya” star Sean de Guzman who makes her go loco.

Sean de Guzman plays Yexel, a famous social media influencer who frequents a bar with his friends. It’s where he hooks up with girls, and one of them is Nina. He boasts to his friends that he just had the best sex of his life. Because of that, Yexel breaks his one-time-only rule and calls Nina for a second time.

Cloe Barreto is Nina. She makes Yexel notice her by literally bumping into him and wastes no time in getting in bed with him. When Yexel calls her again, she misinterprets it to mean that he likes her. Nina claims that she is now Yexel’s girlfriend. She throws a fit when she sees him with other girls.

Yexel tries to make it clear that he is not Nina’s boyfriend, but she’s so far gone with her delusions that he is all hers. How far will she go to keep him?

Sean de Guzman considers “The Influencer” as the most daring film he’s done so far. The actor says, *“Mas daring pa sa daring… malala as in malala talaga…As in ibinigay ko na ang lahat, kasi ang ganda ng istorya eh, kasi hindi mo inaasahan na magiging ganoon ang kalalabasan ng istorya.”

This is Cloe’s second movie written by her friend Quinn Carrillo who also wrote “Tahan”.

“The Influencer” is streaming exclusively on Vivamax starting August 12, 2022. Produced by 3:16 Media Network and Mentorque Productions. Also starring Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa, Ruby Ruiz, Karl Aquino, Quinn Carrillo, Calvin Reyes, and many more!


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