Floyd Mayweather featured in music video of Filipino group ‘SV Squad’

Just in time for the birthday of Floyd “Money” Mayweather this February 24, a music video featuring the undefeated boxing legend was released by the underrated Filipino multi-genre group SV Squad as it taps the international market with the song “One Man Army.” Watch the MV below.

Also featured on the video are SV3, Mstryoverse ft. Tommie King. The lyrics of the song talk about pure hard work and dedication as it aims to inspire and push the youth today to success.

In a recent video, SV Squad collaborated with real-life couple Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero, with an end credit teasing the audience with the sultry Kylie Verzosa taking a bath.

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During the press conference of his older brother, Congresman Sam “SV” Verzosa Jr., SV3 was interviewed for Dear SV.

On the origin of the multi-genre group SV SQUAD

“SV Squad started as a group of individuals who are known in our own respective fields and each having millions, if not hundreds of thousands views and followers. Whilst, I am an entrepreneur who dreams of supporting and elevating the local music industry with better quality. SV Squad is like a magnetic force destined by the universe to join together and create music. We are just simply enjoying our craft. We care less about who likes us or not. I have a firm belief about the saying, “you attract who you are” and we will soon dominate with God’s will and grace.”

Why is the group called SV SQUAD?

SV Squad is inspired by my fashion brand SV merch. I was inspired by how my father mentored me and my big brother to pay our blessings forward. During the birthday of my brother, i gifted him with a merch and the rest is history. Forming the group wasn’t really planned at all, it was just us having fun and initially creating music altogether and then it became official on the 4th quarter of 2022.

Was there an audition for SV SQUAD?

A lot of aspiring rappers are actually asking about this, no we didn’t have any audition at all. We used to welcome everyone who wants to be part of the squad but at the moment, we are starting to keep our circle small.

Alexis was the key to connecting everyone and has a natural skill in reading people’s intentions. He is also a well respected artist and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Allegra, our music producer has got my ears since day one. He has this certain taste in music, that we both understand and share. He sings well too. Kxle, being the youngest is one to look out for his natural talent. JSE, is known for his unique ways and personality and I see him as someone who clearly understands the market. Jake has his natural ability to sing and rap and has an established network in Tiktok.

Once we are solid as a group, we can help other talents achieve their dreams. But at the moment, we want to focus and better ourselves.

The official members of SV Squad are Samuel “SV3” Verzosa III, Keith “Allegra” Lardizabal, Alexis “Mstryoverse” Manuel, Jake “Jake P.” Piedad, Kyle “Kxle” Sarikula and John Stephen “JSE” Enriquez.

Call them underrated, but with their talent, looks and personalities, and multi genres, they have a big potential to switch to mainstream.

One Man Army is now on SV Squad’s Youtube Channel. Watch it here:


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